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Sinus Floor Augmentation (Sinus Lift) – The maxillary sinuses are positioned above the roots of the back teeth in the upper jaw.  In some people the sinuses are located higher up, and in others the sinus is very close to where the roots of the teeth are.  In addition, after a tooth has been extracted, the sinus can droop down lower over time.

Implants can be of different lengths, but typically are near 10 mm long.  If there is not sufficient height from where the bone starts to where the sinus is located, a “sinus lift” procedure may be necessary to raise the sinus slightly and create more space. 

There are multiple techniques that can be used to raise the sinus depending on the available space.  After the sinus is gently lifted, a bone graft material is placed to create more space for implant placement.  Often times, the sinus lift can be performed at the same time as the implant is placed, however, in some cases the sinus lift must be performed first and allowed to heal for several months prior to implant placement.